About MD Services

MD Services Medical Credentialing has assisted hundreds of practitioners, including Physicians (MDs and DOs), Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatrists, Physical Therapists and Chiropractors to obtain the necessary medical credentials for their practice.

Medical Credentialing; Quick Turnaround

While other medical credentialing services often take 120 day or longer to complete the process, the efficient methods used by MD Services enable them to guarantee turnaround within 60 – 90 days*.

Medical Credentialing; Accurate & Detail-Driven

If medical credentialing is not done correctly, it can mean significant delays for you, costing you valuable time and money. MD Services has earned an outstanding reputation for our attention to detail which ensures prompt processing of your paperwork.

Medical Credentialing; Confidential. Committed. Caring

Confidentiality is paramount. Your information is provided only to the health plans for the purpose of medical credentialing – nobody else. MD Services is committed to complete client satisfaction, which includes quick responses to your questions and concerns. They care about doing it right the first time, every time, because they recognize how important proper medical credentialing is to your practice.

Medical Credentialing; Don’t Waste Time & Money

Incorrect medical credentialing can cost your practice thousands of dollars. At MD Services, they know that the importance of proper credentialing is critical to a successful medical practice or physicians group.

*A few exceptions apply. Please ask for details.