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Martha Duran - Medical Credentialing

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Founder of MD Services Medical Credentialing

“I  started my business in January 2011. With the high demand and need for medical credentialing companies and the passion for helping others, I was inspired to start my own medical credentialing company. My mission was to offer more of a personal one-on-one service and help medical doctors understand the credentialing process.  Prior to that I managed a mid-size billing/credentialing company in Oakdale, CA.

With 20+ years of experience in the medical field, one thing I can tell you is that I truly love what I do!!!”

Martha Duran

Medical Credentialing as a Business Consultant
About MD Services' Credentialing Services for Doctors and Medical Professionals

Our Goal

To Provide Ongoing Credentialing Services

At MD Services Medical Credentialing, we provide credentialing services for our clients including insurance contracting and working with insurance companies to solve problems.

We understand that incorrect credentialing can cause significant delays and loss of time and revenue.  MD Services has earned an outstanding reputation for our attention to detail which ensures prompt processing of paperwork.

It’s also crucial to notify all carriers of any changes to avoid loss of revenue. We can assist with keeping you properly credentialed and contracted through any changes, additions or expansions you may have.

We care about doing it right the first time, every time, because we recognize how important proper medical credentialing is to your practice.

Why We Are The Best

MD Services Medical Credentialing saves time and money

We Save Time and Money!

Incorrect credentialing can cost your practice thousands of dollars. At MD Services, we know that the importance of proper credentialing is critical to a successful medical practice or physicians group.  That’s why we emphasize speed and accuracy!

Quick Turnaround saves time and money for our medical practitioners.

We Ensure Quick Turnaround

While other medical credentialing services often take 120 days or longer to complete the process, our efficient methods enable us to guarantee turnaround within 60 to 90 days*.

*A few exceptions apply. Please ask for details.

MD Services keeps all information extremely confidential.

We Maintain Confidentiality

Confidentiality is paramount. Your information is provided only to the health plans for the purpose of credentialing – nobody else. We’re committed to complete client satisfaction, and your privacy is important to us.  You can trust us with your information.